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Clean Scene trauma cleaning and crime scene cleanup

In addition to standard residential cleaning services, Clean Scene specializes in trauma scene cleaning, no matter what the hassle–– our crime and trauma scene cleaners are prepared to tackle severe cleanups after challenging situations occur.

Clean Scene Understands…

If you or a loved one experienced a trauma in your home, you may be in need of specialized cleaning services. At Clean Scene, we understand that every situation is unique and no two scenarios are the same. 

That is why, we offer trauma scene cleaning. Our service is judgment free, and our team is thoroughly prepared for what they may walk into. In fact— that is where we got our name from. We wanted to specialize in services that cater to every Scene, no matter how big or small the job may be.

Our cleaning packages

Our trauma and crime scene cleaning packages are given on a case by case basis, and we recognize the importance of being discreet and having direct communication with the client, property manager or landlord.

Our trauma cleaning package can include:

  • On-site or virtual estimate/walk through
  • Sanitizing
  • Thorough floor cleaning
  • Washing of walls
  • Proper PPE work by cleaners
  • For certain cleans, waiver signed
  • Removal of junk/trash 
  • Proper removal of animal feces

Please note that we do accept cleans on a case by case basis and we do require a viewing of the scene in order to prepare a proper quote and prepare our team.

When is “trauma” cleaning warranted?

Some scenarios in which a clean may be considered a trauma scene cleanup include:

  • Hoarding or extreme hoarding cases
  • Pet feces and unkept animal debris 
  • Biohazardous waste such as urine/bodily fluids (biohazard trauma cleanup services)
  • Damaged rental properties 
  • Unkept properties where a regular move out clean is not warranted

What is trauma cleaning?

Trauma cleaning is the process of cleaning up a crime scene or other location where a traumatic event has occurred. It involves removing all traces of the event, including blood, bodily fluids, and other evidence. Trauma cleaning is often done by specially trained professionals who are able to handle the emotional and physical challenges of the job.

Trauma cleaning is an important part of the process of helping people to recover from a traumatic event. It can help to remove the physical reminders of the event and create a sense of safety and normalcy. Trauma cleaning can also help to prevent the spread of disease and infection. 

Our Vancouver and Fraser Valley cleaning technicians will be fully trained and emotionally prepared to handle cleaning in an environment where most people would simply walk away.

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