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Exterior Cleaning–the first impression.

The first thing your friends and family will notice about your home is the exterior view. That is why we believe it is important to ensure the outside of your home is just as clean and well-kept as the inside. We offer complete exterior cleaning services to help you achieve your clean dream home scene.

Increase Property Value

At Clean Scene, we believe in restoring and maintaining a property so that it reaches its full potential. Cleaning the outside of your home or facility can increase the lifespan of your pavements, prevent clogged gutters, drive away pests and help remove allergens. Prospective clients, buyers or family members will feel more at ease knowing your home is properly maintained, which will increase your property value. 

A Reliable Team

Our cleaning technicians are well versed in using high or low psi pressure to clean a building’s exterior. We use the best tools for the job, and are prepared to clean until your home detailing service is complete. From window cleaning to moss removal, we’re always prepared.

Exterior Cleaning Services

Cleaning the outside of your home or building can seem like a daunting task- but it is necessary. Regular exterior cleaning tasks and maintenance include gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, moss removal, pressure washing, driveway cleaning and window washing. 

If left untouched, your home or facility can harbour moss, fungus and bacteria growth which can not only decrease the value of your property, but can also be harmful to your health and safety. This is why it is typically recommended to have your home pressure washed and have exterior cleaning services at least once a year.

What does exterior cleaning consist of?

Exterior cleaning services consist of removing dirt, debris and buildup from the outside of a home/facility. These areas are often overlooked by busy homeowners, as many simply don’t have the time or experience necessary to do. a thorough job. Hiring a professional exterior cleaning company to handle these tasks for you is one of the smartest investments you can make.

At Clean Scene, we are able to provide the following exterior services:

-Pressure Washing

-Soft Washing

-Roof Cleaning

-Gutter Cleaning

-Moss Removal

-Window Washing

-Driveway Cleaning

-Patio Cleaning

-Trash Bin Sanitization

Our techs are fully qualified and ready to tackle any task to get your home to sparkle. 

We serve clients throughout Greater Vancouver and throughout the Fraser Valley. If you are located near Vancouver, BC and need exterior home or commercial cleaning- call us to schedule a free quote! 

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